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Popular Artists That Made Psytrance Music

By 08/08/2018Music

Originating in the mid-1960’s in Goa, India, Psychedelic trance music has now been accepted by the millennial society, and it is the new thing at house parties, EDM music fests, and many other places.

Popular Artists That Made Psytrance Music

Inspiration – Cream Pies in Families

My Family Pies - Taboo Step Siblings

My Family Pies – Taboo Step Siblings

A thing that needs to be said about all the music below. My Family Pies series (from Nubiles studio) has taken a great inspiration from psytrance to create this masterpiece. We are pretty sure you don’t know what My Family Pie is, so let us explain (in a few words). Imagine living inside a family that’s not only broken, but it’s united together with its new members. Step siblings who never knew each other are now living together and… having a sexual crush on each other. Taboo situations leading into taboo, awkward intercourse.

Infected Mushroom

A discussion on psytrance music cannot happen without the mention of Infected Mushroom. Infected Mushroom is an electronic music group. The group was founded in Haifa, Israel by Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani. The band is constantly evolving their style of music and are giving a new name to the trance genre of EDM.

The duo started performing in 1998. After the release of their first two songs, they changed their name to Infected Mushroom.

In 1999 The Gathering their very first album gave them a huge breakthrough and the g been popular ever since then.

1200 Micrograms

Founded by Riktram and Bansi in Ibiza in 1999, 1200 Micrograms is a psychedelic trance group which also comprises of Raja Ram, Chicago, and G.M.S. The unique name of the band comes from the idea of the amount of LSD all four group members would require for a dose.

The name for the band, 1200 Micrograms was suggested by Raja Ram when he was thinking about making an album about his favorite drugs. The first album by the band, 1200 micrograms, featured nine tracks about Hashish, Ayahuasca, LSD, Mescaline, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Salvia Divinorum, Magic Mushrooms and DMT.


Trance is a form of uplifting melodies of various instruments and genres of music. Astrix’s music is the perfect harmony of what trance music should be. The epic clash of underground music with ultimate modern music is simply the best.

This audio clash offered by Astrix has made the band a massive hit across the globe. The artist is one of those artists’ who always think about what they have to do while performing. Astrix makes sure that his work is excellent which does justice to his fans’ devotion. Apart from this, he makes sure that he does not leave out the occasional dancer’s fun.


Atmos is a Swedish music producer. He mainly works in the genre of progressive and psychedelic music.

The artist has worked with other artists and was one of the first few musicians who introduced the culture of psychedelic music back in the 2000s.

The artist’s most popular track is the “The Only Process,” which was a massive hit in 1999.

There are many other artists who work with the same genre. However, the above-mentioned artists truly left a mark in the music industry.

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