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What Is Psytrance Music: A Brief History

A branch of trance music, psytrance has a distinctive arrangement of rhythms and layered sounds, which is created by high tempo riffs and is immensely energetic and raw. It is also a tad bit hardcore and is diverse in terms of mood, tempo, and even style. Today, you will come across various festivals that celebrate psytrance and electronic music, art and lifestyle.

A Brief History

We can trace back its origins to the first set of hippies who arrived in Goa, a pint-sized state in India, in the mid-sixties. A few reasons why they made Goa their home was because of the beautiful beaches, inexpensive cost of living, friendly people, the Indian spiritual and religious practices, and also the availability of the Indian cannabis, which was then legal mind you, until the mid-seventies.

By 1970, the very first DJs in Goa loved the psychedelic rock bands and generally played music from the most famous bands, such as Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and The Doors. Slowly, by 1979, electronic dance music or EDM made its way there and occasionally people enjoyed tracks from famous artists, such as Kraftwerk.

However, by 1983, DJ Laurent and DJ Fred Disko, who were closely followed by Goa Gil, started experimenting with electro-industrial music. And, this genre had already gained popularity in Europe. The tracks were played after finetuning them. The DJs removed the lyrics, remixed the songs, changed the rhythm and beats and made it their own.

By 1990, Goa had become a happening destination, mostly known for its exotic parties. As the trend grew, it started gaining more attention from all across the globe. And, by 1994, Goa Trance became a commercial genre and the golden era of Goa Psy Trance lasted from 1994 to 1997.

Goa Gil And Psytrance

An American musician, DJ, remixer, and even a party organizer, Gil is one of the people who brought psytrance and Goa trance into the electronic music. Born in 1951 in California, Gil witnessed the hippie movement and acid rock first-hand. When he felt that the musical scene in San Francisco was fading, he travelled to Amsterdam and then to Goa in India and settled there for good.

Sis Loves Me Tribute

Sis Loves Me - Adult Series

Sis Loves Me – Adult Series

Sis Loves Me series isn’t close to any of psytrance musicians but the aim of the content is the very same – to make people happy. Sis Loves Me is an exclusive series that debuted back in 2016 and it is all about step sisters having some quality sex with their step brothers. It is a very popular genre these days and this brand is clearly the golden standard. If you mix it up with some quality psytrance music I think you could end up with a really crazy mix!

When he came across holy men or sadhus, it inspired him to become one. For him, dance was a form of meditation and trance was his choice of music. He is married to Ariane MacAvoy and they also have a band called The Nommos.


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