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Who Are The Psytrance DJs To Look At This Year?

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A trance when boosted by high tempo riffs with meticulously placed rhythms and melodies is altogether a beautiful experience to go through. Many DJs have taken it up on their discs to create such kind of magic for psytrance music fanatics.

Begin With Pure Taboo

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5. Unleashing With DJ Korsakoff

In a mostly male dominated field, Lindsay van der Eng has been making a name for herself with her records like Tamara catching ears of listeners. Married to the well-known DJ Outblast, she’s made trance music since 2001 and with her husband many a time collaborating. Lindsay will be performing in the much spoken about festival ‘Revolt’ in April 2019 and would also be a crucial part of ‘Mysteryland 2019’. Her talent has also been acknowledged, as her name appears in the nominees list of the ‘International Dance Music Awards 2019.’

4. Crush Floors With Angerfist

Danny Masseling has become the buzz on the trance streets in the present. He wears ice hockey masks or black/white hoodie while on stage to mark a different presence than his competitors. This year will see two of his singles being in the market – ‘Critter’ and ‘Bare Knuckle Fist’. After performing in many famous shows, he’s now booked to play alongside artists like Infected Mushroom in the ‘EDC’ at Las Vegas. He would also be in spotlight at ‘Revolt 2019’, a hardcore festival for trance artists.

3. Tweak With Astrix

Progressive psychedelic trance beats of Avi Shmailov have become a trend since the past few years. He’s been given a prestigious place in the Top 50 DJs around the globe as a mark of his talent. Recently he was in the line-up for the ‘Esscalation Music Festival’ at New York with other famous names like Ace Ventura, Vinci Vici etc. Astrix was also present at Treehouse Miami, jockeying to a huge crowd.

2. Spinnin Around With Simon Patterson

Massively supported in the industry, Patterson’s music infuses many moods in the feelings of the listeners. From techy to edgy beats, there is a lot of spiritually to take in. Even though he’s appreciated for creative ventures as a producer, it is when he shows his passion on disc that the true talent seeps out. March 2019 saw the release of his EDM track Blink in collaboration with Lucy Pullin. He will also be heard jockeying through ‘Groove Cruise Miami’ festival.

1. Groove With Infected Mushroom

Acoustic guitars, drum beats, vocals, and an orchestra of other instruments together form the reputation of this Israeli duo. Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen have performed globally now with bestselling albums like Head of NASA as well as 2 Amish Boys being their latest hits. ‘Electric Daisy Carnival’ in Las Vegas is one of the highly attended psytrance concerts along with ‘Rock in Rio’, both, which have signed up Infected Mushroom to play.

The year looks like a treasure chest of trance music waiting to be leashed on the fans. Put on that Instagram worthy festival outfit and get booking for these artists to en-trance you!

The Highest Ranked Psytrance Music By DJs

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Psytrance music is one of the forms of trance music that has been pieced together by DJs. It is actually safe to say that DJs contributed hugely to the emergence of psytrance. And thanks to their continued desire to contribute to the evolution of the genre, it is what it has become today.

As early as the late 1970s, DJs had already started mixing certain trance music tracks with tracks and beats from all over the world in a bid to create unique tunes.

“Laurent Garnier started to play with Dj Nelson a.k.a. Dj Stan in French club.”

For example, Goa trance which dawned around the early ’80s was mostly mixed by DJs. Laurent and Fred Disko are the two DJs who contributed significantly to the development of Psytrance music when they mixed Goa trance with a number of electro-industrial tunes. Since then, the genre has grown to become one of the most popular kinds of music today. As a matter of fact, it has a much larger following than other subgenres of trance music including Goa trance from which it was derived. People in all parts of the world celebrate the culture, art and the music of the genre.

Since the day psytrance music was brought on board, many artists and bands have been formed and each of them has contributed to the growth of the genre. Having contributed greatly to the development of the genre, DJs have been following the development of the genre and are thus the best people to ask for the list of the top psytrance music artists or bands of all time. Here is a look at some of the most renowned psytrance music of all time as suggested by some of psyrance industry’s most iconic DJs .

  • Infected Mushroom: This is a Goa-based group comprising Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. The two are involved in the production and composition of the music. Their most prolific songs of their careers include Cities of the Future, Becoming insane and Pink Nightmares.
  • Astrix: this is an Israeli born psytrance music producer and DJ who has contributed greatly to the development of the genre. Ever since the inception of psy, Astrix has worked tirelessly to assert his music production prowess on the psytrance market. Astrix is held in high esteem for his unparalleled contribution to the transformation of Full on Psytrance (another subgenre of trance music). Major examples of his songs are Closer To Heaven, Deep Jungle Walk and Acid Rocker. He remains one of the  best psytrance artists in the industry.

    “Simon Posford, better known by his stage name Hallucinogen is an English electronic musician, specializing in psychedelic trance music.”

  • Hallucinogen: this is the stage name that is used by Simon Posford who is yet another iconic figure of the psytrance musical fraternity. His music is electrifying and thought provoking. Major examples of the songs that he has produced include Astral Pancakes/Fluoro Neuro Sponge, Soothsayer/Angelic Particles and LSD (studio version).
  • Doof: Doof is a UK born artist who has been in the trance and electronic music arena for many years. His real name is Nicholas – or Nick – Barber. Having been around when the genre was born, Nick is one of the major contributors to the development of psytrance music. Major examples of the albums he has produced include Seeds, Let’s Turn On, It’s about Time and Clear Blue Sky.
  • Vibe Tribe: this is a psytrance project which was developed by an Israeli producer and musician, Stas Marnyanski, who is also Russian. Since they formed in the early 2000s, the project has led to the release of many popular tracks. Some of the best examples of albums to have been released by the project include Melodrama and Wise Cracks, which remain popular up to this very day.
  • Parasense: this is yet another a high profile psychedelic music project which was brought on board by a Russian Psytrance expert, Alex Kurkin, along with Viktor his colleague, who passed away in 2006. Alex has continued to produce music under the label. Major tracks which the project has given rise to are Not Even On The Sunrise, Keep In Mind and Really Freaking Out.