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We fell in love with the psytrance music from its early days, when it had very few fans. Actually, psytrance is a subgenre of trance music. Its distinctive characteristics are layered melodies and synthetic rhythms created by high tempo riffs. Before long, this genre of music spread across the world with a blossoming growth in the fan base.

Albeit subtle, but the role played by our website in the promotion of psytrance genre cannot be overlooked. At that time, there were very little websites which had information on this genre of music. If you were an ardent fan, stumbling upon our website would be a dream come true. This was demonstrated in the huge number of weekly views our website garnered.

Psytrance otherwise known as psychedelic trance music had a lot to offer in terms of style, tempo, and mood. One of the many reasons why our website was irresistible to fans of this genre of music was that, at that time, there were very few places you could get to buy this genre of music (because of its obvious low popularity, not every music store wanted to stake their money on them) and we covered that information pretty well across several nations. It was a tedious but great experiment for us.

Some interesting featured are coming soon to Mushroom Online! Long live PsyTrance!

As years went on, many groups sprang up that delighted the public with different rhythms of psytrance. The rise of the different groups also promoted the spread of this genre across different parts of the globe. The impact of this genre was very severe in Japan, Western Europe, South Africa, Australia, North America, and Israel. It was often linked to other music genres like electroclash, big beat, and grime.

Psytrance music also faced another problem which dulled its popularity. The peculiar problem faced by psytrance is the proliferation of music genre. The rise in the number of genre categorization meant that it became hard for fans to really pick out which music was psytrance or not. We tried to help fans resolve this problem by having a list of the latest release of psytrance albums across the globe as well as kept an updated list of all the top hits in the genre.

As years went on, we discovered that the version 1.0 of our website was no longer living up to the requirements of the new age. It became obvious, born out of necessity, that we needed a serious upgrade. To arrive at the version 2.0, we made a lot of consultations with experts as well as sampled opinions from our users to know which features they are looking up to and which features they needed to be erased from the website. One of our key focuses in version 2.0 is mobile compatibility.

In a short time – shorter than you think – the version 2.0 will go live. It is all you have ever dreamed about, and more. When the version 2.0 finally goes live, our target is that it would further make it easier for fans to listen to hit songs from their beloved genre as well as increase the number of fans that crave for this genre of music. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Stay tuned!