Mushroom Online is dedicated to giving information on psytrance music. It was established to meet the global growing demand for accurate information on psychedelic trance and its following. The information available on the site ranges from art, music festivals, DJs and artists among other important elements of the genre.

Mushroom Online recognises this growth in the popularity of the genre and wishes to promote it. This website serves as a platform for informing the world’s fans and followers of psytrance enthusiasts – think of us as your one-stop shop and reference point on all things related to psychedelic electronic music.

General Information About Celebrating The Genre’s Culture


There is more about Mushroom Online than just giving the members of the public technical information about the genre.Rather, there is also information on the celebration of the genre’s culture.

We strive to celebrate the psytrance culture in a variety of ways including giving members of the general public latest information on the genre and related genres. This explains why it is possible to come across information on the site pertaining to the outfits that  psytrance artists wear.



We also boast of information pertaining to the various psytrance festivals that are hosted around the world. On our site, you can come across details about some of the most iconic psytrance festivals of all time.

We fully acknowledge the fact that psytrance music is not complete without the festivals. further, we also understand that psytrance music fanatics have to experience the festivals if they are to have a complete taste of the music. Based on this, we always collect details of almost all the major psychedelic trance festivals around the world.

About Psytrance Art

Like psychedelic trance festivals, psy art also contributes greatly to the genre’s development.For this reason, we have dedicated our precious time to collecting information related to psy art from all parts of the world. Therefore, you can easily find information on the old and new psy art that is available on the market today.

Reviews Of Djs Who Have Helped To Revolutionise The Fraternity

Psy music is one of the genres of music whose development is largely owed to the numerous Gao trance DJs that preceded its existence.

For this reason, DJs have a special place in the psytrance music industry. Our site reviews DJs who have dedicated their lives to the development of genre and keeping the psytrance fans satisfied at all times.

Reviews Of The Best Psytrance Artists Of Today

Psy music is obviously incomplete without the artists who have dedicated all their lives to making the fans happy and the entire psychedelic music fraternity complete.

On our site, you will find information on the best psytrance artists of all time. We have information on both the old and new artists of the genre from all parts of the world.

History Of Psytrance Music

Iis often a perfect idea to learn about the history of a genre in order to appreciate it more. In the light of this, our site has information on the history of the genre. On our site, you can find the earliest history of the genre. This is the place where the actual birth of the genre is explained in details along with the individuals behind it.

The Development Of The Genre

If you want to know how the genre developed from scratch, this is the website to visit.

We have information on the actual individuals ranging from DJs to artists who have dedicated their lives to the transformation of the genre.

Our passion for the genre has impelled us to try by all means to show the psytrance music enthusiasts how the music has developed since its inception and where it is going.