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Psytrance Music And Culture

The roots of psytrance music can be traced back to Goa, India, where the earliest enthusiasts of the genre are understood to originate from.

Psytrance music is a subgenre of trance music, which is music that is characterised by a tempo that falls between 125 and 150 BPM along with repeated melodic phrases.

Ever since its inception, psychedelic trance has been able to win the hearts of many fans around the world including Africa, Asia, North America, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Inspirations & Influences

Shoplyfter1.comShoplyfter has grown out of psytrance culture. The series features adventures of young females that engage in risky situations of stealing from retail shops. Getting caught is just beginning of their problems, because punishment will be severe and sexual. This funny and fantasy approach to sex in backroom of shops has been just a cherry on pie, of course while you are listening to your favorite psytrance track! 🙂

Watch all episodes at Shoplyfter1.com

Psytrance Music DJs

Psytrance music is one of the forms of trance music that has been pieced together by DJs. It is actually safe to say that DJs contributed hugely to the emergence of psytrance.

Vibe Tribe

Infected Mushroom

Simon Posford

Laurent Garnier



Psytrance Festival News

Psystrance festivals define what psytrance music really is and bring to light aspects of the music that are rather difficult to deduce from the recorded music.

Popular Artists That Made Psytrance Music

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Originating in the mid-1960’s in Goa, India, Psychedelic trance music has now been accepted by the millennial society, and it is the new thing at house parties, EDM music fests,…

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The Highest Ranked Psytrance Music By DJs

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Psytrance music is one of the forms of trance music that has been pieced together by DJs. It is actually safe to say that DJs contributed hugely to the emergence…

Psytrance: The Top 100 Tracks

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