Psytrance music is one of the most popular music genres of today. Despite being a subgenre of the psychedelic, electronic music scene – hence the name – it has managed to win its lion share of fanatics from around the globe. Not surprisingly, the genre is now associated with countless festivals and shows which are hosted in various parts of the world. Acts boast names just as inspired as their track titles. DJs run the show while your feet, legs, body and mind all synchronise to let you travel to unexplored territory – OK, well you get the idea!

Psytrance: Its Origins

The roots of psytrance music can be traced back to Goa, India, where the earliest enthusiasts of the genre are understood to originate from. During the early ’90s, the genre was simply called Goa trance as it was thought to be the same as this. It wasn’t until the late ’90s that Psytrance managed to branch off from its parent genre.

“North American Psytrance Festival”

Ever since its inception, psychedelic trance has been able to win the hearts of many fans around the world including Africa, Asia, North America, the Middle East and Western Europe. Since psychedelic trance is the hardcore form of trance music, its impact is on fans is rather unevenly distributed. For example, South Africa is one of the few parts of Africa where it has a large following. Similarly, Japan is one of the few nations in Asia where the music is deeply loved. In the Middle East, Israel is the centre of the music.

The information here is but a scratch on the surface of this fascinating musical genre, and we hope you’ll get a good taste of its funky, hypnotic style from these pages. We’ve written below about sources which will give more details on where and how to experience psytrance.

Fractal Tribe

This is the site to visit if you are interested in learning more about the North American psytrance events. Here you’ll find more on the large community of musicians and artists who can probably say that psytrance is as much as way of living as anything else. From its inception as a group of music lovers and organisers in 2008 to today’s network of artists promoting psytrance festival, Fractal Tribe has everything you want to know.

Festival Fire


“Origin Festival is a major festival of the year taking place at the tip of Africa”

Festival Fire gives you the full calendar on all the events you could possibly want to attend, and some. Search on anything you might want to know for upcoming world-renowned psychedelic music festivals, and art festivals such as Burning Man in Black Rock City, and is a great source of anything on psytrance in particular. You will find details on big events such as Mystic Rising, the Enchanted Forest Festival and Faerie Worlds. There is also information on psychedelic trance culture, art and psytrance clothing. The online store is home to products for psytrance fanatics.

Psytrance Festivals

This site is perfect for information related to psychedelic trance festivals. It has detailed information on over 70 psytrance festivals which are recognised by fans from all over. The site even features a live satellite map that you can use to gain instant access to locations which are due to host psychedelic festivals. So let’s say you are interested in what is going on in India and Mozambique festivals, you’ll find up to date stuff on what’s happening.


This is by far one of the most viable sources of information pertaining to psychedelic music. As well as detailing events and stuff going on in Israel, you’ll also find forums and a directory of artists and DJs. It is home to accurate information related to the genre.

“Maitreya Festival featuring International and Australian DJs, the event features workshops, art exhibitions, performance, markets and food.”

The site is also home to the latest news about the genre and the various artists which are behind some of the best psychedelic albums of all time. It’s not called a psytrance database for nothing.


No list would be complete without Earthdance on it. If you feel that your DJ is still more important than the music at other events, then rest assured you will come to Earthdance in a more unified spirit. 2017‘s event takes place in Florida, where a globally synchronised dance event is organised in the name of peace and humanitarian action for the world. Party doesn’t begin to describe the phenomenonal event that takes place as a result of the annual creative, interactive experience that has been organised in Sarasota since 2009. Names in this year’s line-up include The Polish Ambassador, Uncle John’s Band, Lady Waks, Nico Luminous and Seven D, among the many more. There’s no time for delay if you haven’t got this year’s tickets!

So there you have a roundup of some of the big names in the electronic music scene. Whoever is your favourite act, you are sure to find them performing at one of these. Bring your dancing feet, plenty of warm clothes for those autumn evenings, the ability to dance meet and greet people from all over and find your groove!