Psytrance has continued to be one of the most popular music genres of today. Ever since it dawned in the late ’90s, the genre has evolved into quite a phenomenon. But it has still maintained its natural and distinctive elements especially being extremely hardcore.

“Progressive Psytrance Set”

The development of the genre has been going on steadily ever since the music emerged on the scene. A number of players within the trance musical industry have contributed to the overall development of the genre.

This includes DJs, the developers of electro-industrial musical equipment and the artists themselves who are behind the making of the music.But, it is the artists who are the face of the industry. Their work is what propels the psytrance music genre to greater heights from time to time. Therefore, it is more than necessary to acknowledge the various artists who have dedicated their lives to the development of psytrance music. Here is a quick look at some of the most iconic artists of the psychedelic trance fraternity.

Infected Mushroom

“Infected Mushroom twice ranked as the world’s “10 Best DJ’s” “

This is an Indian group whose roots can be traced back to Goa. It was formed in 1996 during an era when the birth of psytrance was being ushered in. Since they got together, the band has worked tirelessly to please its local and international audience through the production of its music which includes taking part in international festivals. The group members are none other than Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, and both take part in the production and composition of their psytrance tracks. Some of their most notable songs include Becoming Insane, Pink Nightmares and Cities of the Future.

“Astral Projection its current members are Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter.”

Astral Projection

Astral projection is a psychedelic trance musical group which has a large following of psytrance music fanatics around the globe. It has been around for many years including the days before psytrance became officially recognised. The group is based in Israel where it remains one of the most dominant forces of the psytrance musical industry. Today, it features members such as Avi Nissim, Yaniv Haviv and Lior Perlmutter who are in the lead of the group’s activities. Its major songs since they began include Mahadeva, People Can Fly, and Kabalah. Up to this day, the group produces songs in both goa trance and psytrance, they are often found leading major psychedelic trance festivals around the world.

“Astrix is an Israeli trance music dj and producer”


Avi Shmailov is an Israeli music producer and DJ who specialises in psytrance music. Under his stage name, Astrix, he has promoted, along with others the psytrance arena, but has grown rapidly to become one of the best psytrance artists in the industry. Astrix is renowned for his notable contribution to the development of Full on Psytrance, a subgenre of psytrance which is increasingly becoming popular on a daily basis. Some of his most popular songs include Deep Jungle Walk, Closer To Heaven and Acid Rocker. Major albums produced by him include Art Core, Eye To Eye, One Step Ahead and Future Music.

“Nicholas “Nick” Barber better known by the stage name Doof.”


Doof is a UK-based psytrance music singer and composer who has been in the psytrance music arena for many years. Since the genre started making headway, he has contributed greatly to the development of psytrance music and has pioneered its transformation over the past two decades. Doof’s real name is Nicholas – or Nick – Barber. Ever since the ushering in of psychedelic trance in the trance arena, Nick has worked tirelessly to revolutionise the psytrance industry through the production of mind-blowing tracks. Some of the albums he has produced include: Let’s Turn On, Seeds, It’s about Time and Clear Blue Sky among others.

“Simon Posford is an English electronic musician”


This is yet another iconic figure of the psytrance musical fraternity and has been around for many years. He goes by the stage name Hallucinogen, but his real name is Simon Posford. As early as 1995, Simon had been playing electronic and trance music. Following the inception of psychedelic trance, he extended his electronic music prowess to psytrance and expanded his audience. He remains one of the most renowned figures of the psytrance musical arena.

“Analog Pussy (Jiga and Jinno)an Israeli band now living in Germany. “

Analog Pussy

This is an iconic group of artists who have gathered together to deliver exceptional musical performances for fans of the genre from all parts of the world. What is interesting to note about the group is the fact that its music is not only restricted to psychedelic trance. It is one of the best psytrance bands in the world that are still active up to this day