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What Is Psytrance Music: A Brief History

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A branch of trance music, psytrance has a distinctive arrangement of rhythms and layered sounds, which is created by high tempo riffs and is immensely energetic and raw. It is also a tad bit hardcore and is diverse in terms of mood, tempo, and even style. Today, you will come across various festivals that celebrate psytrance and electronic music, art and lifestyle.

A Brief History

We can trace back its origins to the first set of hippies who arrived in Goa, a pint-sized state in India, in the mid-sixties. A few reasons why they made Goa their home was because of the beautiful beaches, inexpensive cost of living, friendly people, the Indian spiritual and religious practices, and also the availability of the Indian cannabis, which was then legal mind you, until the mid-seventies.

By 1970, the very first DJs in Goa loved the psychedelic rock bands and generally played music from the most famous bands, such as Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and The Doors. Slowly, by 1979, electronic dance music or EDM made its way there and occasionally people enjoyed tracks from famous artists, such as Kraftwerk.

However, by 1983, DJ Laurent and DJ Fred Disko, who were closely followed by Goa Gil, started experimenting with electro-industrial music. And, this genre had already gained popularity in Europe. The tracks were played after finetuning them. The DJs removed the lyrics, remixed the songs, changed the rhythm and beats and made it their own.

By 1990, Goa had become a happening destination, mostly known for its exotic parties. As the trend grew, it started gaining more attention from all across the globe. And, by 1994, Goa Trance became a commercial genre and the golden era of Goa Psy Trance lasted from 1994 to 1997.

Goa Gil And Psytrance

An American musician, DJ, remixer, and even a party organizer, Gil is one of the people who brought psytrance and Goa trance into the electronic music. Born in 1951 in California, Gil witnessed the hippie movement and acid rock first-hand. When he felt that the musical scene in San Francisco was fading, he travelled to Amsterdam and then to Goa in India and settled there for good.

Sis Loves Me Tribute

Sis Loves Me - Adult Series

Sis Loves Me – Adult Series

Sis Loves Me series isn’t close to any of psytrance musicians but the aim of the content is the very same – to make people happy. Sis Loves Me is an exclusive series that debuted back in 2016 and it is all about step sisters having some quality sex with their step brothers. It is a very popular genre these days and this brand is clearly the golden standard. If you mix it up with some quality psytrance music I think you could end up with a really crazy mix!

When he came across holy men or sadhus, it inspired him to become one. For him, dance was a form of meditation and trance was his choice of music. He is married to Ariane MacAvoy and they also have a band called The Nommos.


Who Are The Psytrance DJs To Look At This Year?

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A trance when boosted by high tempo riffs with meticulously placed rhythms and melodies is altogether a beautiful experience to go through. Many DJs have taken it up on their discs to create such kind of magic for psytrance music fanatics.

Begin With Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo - Home of PornWe suggest starting the journey of 2019 with a big bang! The story of Pure Taboo can be a very inspiring one. Are you aware of countless amount of sexual fantasies that are not socially accepted by any means? Pure Taboo seem to be home of them. And they are recorded in a very high end quality. Have you ever wanted to see what’s taboo actually is? This website could be a very good one to start with!

5. Unleashing With DJ Korsakoff

In a mostly male dominated field, Lindsay van der Eng has been making a name for herself with her records like Tamara catching ears of listeners. Married to the well-known DJ Outblast, she’s made trance music since 2001 and with her husband many a time collaborating. Lindsay will be performing in the much spoken about festival ‘Revolt’ in April 2019 and would also be a crucial part of ‘Mysteryland 2019’. Her talent has also been acknowledged, as her name appears in the nominees list of the ‘International Dance Music Awards 2019.’

4. Crush Floors With Angerfist

Danny Masseling has become the buzz on the trance streets in the present. He wears ice hockey masks or black/white hoodie while on stage to mark a different presence than his competitors. This year will see two of his singles being in the market – ‘Critter’ and ‘Bare Knuckle Fist’. After performing in many famous shows, he’s now booked to play alongside artists like Infected Mushroom in the ‘EDC’ at Las Vegas. He would also be in spotlight at ‘Revolt 2019’, a hardcore festival for trance artists.

3. Tweak With Astrix

Progressive psychedelic trance beats of Avi Shmailov have become a trend since the past few years. He’s been given a prestigious place in the Top 50 DJs around the globe as a mark of his talent. Recently he was in the line-up for the ‘Esscalation Music Festival’ at New York with other famous names like Ace Ventura, Vinci Vici etc. Astrix was also present at Treehouse Miami, jockeying to a huge crowd.

2. Spinnin Around With Simon Patterson

Massively supported in the industry, Patterson’s music infuses many moods in the feelings of the listeners. From techy to edgy beats, there is a lot of spiritually to take in. Even though he’s appreciated for creative ventures as a producer, it is when he shows his passion on disc that the true talent seeps out. March 2019 saw the release of his EDM track Blink in collaboration with Lucy Pullin. He will also be heard jockeying through ‘Groove Cruise Miami’ festival.

1. Groove With Infected Mushroom

Acoustic guitars, drum beats, vocals, and an orchestra of other instruments together form the reputation of this Israeli duo. Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen have performed globally now with bestselling albums like Head of NASA as well as 2 Amish Boys being their latest hits. ‘Electric Daisy Carnival’ in Las Vegas is one of the highly attended psytrance concerts along with ‘Rock in Rio’, both, which have signed up Infected Mushroom to play.

The year looks like a treasure chest of trance music waiting to be leashed on the fans. Put on that Instagram worthy festival outfit and get booking for these artists to en-trance you!

Popular Artists That Made Psytrance Music

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Originating in the mid-1960’s in Goa, India, Psychedelic trance music has now been accepted by the millennial society, and it is the new thing at house parties, EDM music fests, and many other places.

Popular Artists That Made Psytrance Music

Inspiration – Cream Pies in Families

My Family Pies - Taboo Step Siblings

My Family Pies – Taboo Step Siblings

A thing that needs to be said about all the music below. My Family Pies series (from Nubiles studio) has taken a great inspiration from psytrance to create this masterpiece. We are pretty sure you don’t know what My Family Pie is, so let us explain (in a few words). Imagine living inside a family that’s not only broken, but it’s united together with its new members. Step siblings who never knew each other are now living together and… having a sexual crush on each other. Taboo situations leading into taboo, awkward intercourse.

Infected Mushroom

A discussion on psytrance music cannot happen without the mention of Infected Mushroom. Infected Mushroom is an electronic music group. The group was founded in Haifa, Israel by Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani. The band is constantly evolving their style of music and are giving a new name to the trance genre of EDM.

The duo started performing in 1998. After the release of their first two songs, they changed their name to Infected Mushroom.

In 1999 The Gathering their very first album gave them a huge breakthrough and the g been popular ever since then.

1200 Micrograms

Founded by Riktram and Bansi in Ibiza in 1999, 1200 Micrograms is a psychedelic trance group which also comprises of Raja Ram, Chicago, and G.M.S. The unique name of the band comes from the idea of the amount of LSD all four group members would require for a dose.

The name for the band, 1200 Micrograms was suggested by Raja Ram when he was thinking about making an album about his favorite drugs. The first album by the band, 1200 micrograms, featured nine tracks about Hashish, Ayahuasca, LSD, Mescaline, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Salvia Divinorum, Magic Mushrooms and DMT.


Trance is a form of uplifting melodies of various instruments and genres of music. Astrix’s music is the perfect harmony of what trance music should be. The epic clash of underground music with ultimate modern music is simply the best.

This audio clash offered by Astrix has made the band a massive hit across the globe. The artist is one of those artists’ who always think about what they have to do while performing. Astrix makes sure that his work is excellent which does justice to his fans’ devotion. Apart from this, he makes sure that he does not leave out the occasional dancer’s fun.


Atmos is a Swedish music producer. He mainly works in the genre of progressive and psychedelic music.

The artist has worked with other artists and was one of the first few musicians who introduced the culture of psychedelic music back in the 2000s.

The artist’s most popular track is the “The Only Process,” which was a massive hit in 1999.

There are many other artists who work with the same genre. However, the above-mentioned artists truly left a mark in the music industry.

Psytrance: The Top 100 Tracks

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“Pystrance festival Decorations”

Pystrance has already celebrated more than two decades of its existence. The young trance subgenre whose official recognition only dates back to the late 1990s, is now of the most popular subgenres of trance. Today, it attracts a large following of trance enthusiasts from all parts of the world.What makes psytrance music unique is its hardcore nature and ability to send the emotions of listeners into an unending cycle.

Today, it remains one of the most popular forms of music with fans that are spread across the entire globe.The development of the genre has been largely because of the production of many mind staggering tracks.

Artists from all parts of the world work tirelessly to come up with tracks that have the capacity to take the psytrance fanatics by storm.

While Beatport have compiled a list of the top 100 tracks of this genre, and which you can take a look at here, below you will find out preferred 100.

Click Here to view top 100 tracks.
  1. Deep Jungle Walk by Astrix

    “Album Cover Deep Jungle Walk by Astrix”

  2. Closer to Heaven, by Astrix
  3. Acid Rocker by Astrix
  4. Shamanic Tales by Astrix
  5. Transmitter by Zyce
  6. Sequence by Major 7
  7. He Art by Astrix
  8. Great Spirit by Astrix
  9. Moonshine by Astrix
  10. Spike by Simon Patterson
  11. The Jolly Roger
  12. Glitches of Perception by Earthspace imagination
  13. Genetic Lottery by Astrix
  14. Sex Style by Astrix
  15. Your Gate to Freedom by Rltmo
  16. Spanish by Upgrade
  17. Valley of Steve by Astrix
  18. What is Life by Volcano Sonic Species
  19. Awake the Snake by Astrix
  20. Free Tibert by Hillight Tribe
  21. Massive Activity by Astrix
  22. Extraterrestials by Static Movement
  23. Yellow by Phaxe Morten Granau
  24. Jump by Skazi, Omlki and JUdAh
  25. Neurochemistry by Liquid Ace
  26. Sequence by Major 7
  27. Avalanche by Dur

    “Astrix Performing Live at Psytrance Party”

  28. Liquid Sky by Tristan and Outsiders
  29. Fly Machine by Sonic Species and Imagine Mars
  30. Ajna by One Function
  31. Belearic Dawn by Relativ
  32. Pink Nightmares by Infected Mushroom
  33. Chapter Two by impulz and JMW
  34. Light Time and Space by Laughing Bhuda and Walo
  35. Anjuna, by Liquid Soul and Zyce
  36. Space Pussy by Hallucinogen
  37. Becoming Insane by Infected Mushroom
  38. We are One by Ranjl
  39. Intelligate by Infected Mushroom
  40. Starfinder by Sandman
  41. My Mummy Said by Infected Mushroom
  42. Awakening by Shivatree
  43. Bust a Move by Infected Mushroom
  44. Acelera by Skzl
  45. Deck & Sheke by Infected Mushroom
  46. Pipeworm by Hallucinogen feat. Loud, Lucas O’Brien and Domestic
  47. Inside Your Head by Vertical mode
  48. Classical Mushroom by Infected Mushroom

    “Intelligate by Infected Mushroom Album Cover”

  49. Shamanic by Burn In Noise  and Altrulsm
  50. B.P. Empire by Infected Mushroom
  51. All Is lost by Symphonix
  52. Birthday by Infected Mushroom
  53. Daws of Perception by Tristan and Aardvarkk
  54. Deeply Disturbed by Infected Mushroom
  55. Shiva by Walo and Avalo
  56. Songs From The Other Side by Infected Mushroom
  57. Sequence by Major 7
  58. Rejoicer, by Pogo and Djantrix
  59. Cities of the Future by Infected Mushroom
  60. Tandava Balzy, by Shantl People
  61. LSD (performed live) by Hallucinogen
  62. Deranger by Hallucinogen
  63. Stretched by Infected Mushroom
  64. Dream Machine by Magnus
  65. Interstellar by Coming Soon
  66. Smashing The Opponent by Infected Mushroom
  67. Astral Pancakes/Fluoro Neuro Sponge by Hallucinogen
  68. Becoming Insane by Infected Mushroom
  69. Next  Destination by Side Effects
  70. Riders On The Storm by Infected Mushroom
  71. Soothsayer/Angelic Particles by Hallucinogen
  72. Killing Time by Infected Mushroom
  73. LSD (studio version) by Hallucinogen
  74. Valhalla by Split and Jaxta
  75. Another World by Astral projection
  76. The Force by Sonic Species
  77. In the Mix by Astral projection

    “Amen by Astral projection Album Cover”

  78. Third Eye by GMS and Space
  79. Unmixed Vinyl by Astral projection
  80. Divine Particles by Outsiders
  81. Amen by Astral projection
  82. Balkan by Omlkl
  83. Ten by Astral projection
  84. Way of the Future by James West and Hypnocourstics
  85. Alpha Centauri / LSD, by Hallucinogen
  86. One Day by Infected Mushroom
  87. Arrival by Audiotec
  88. I’m Alive by Infected Mushroom
  89. LSD by Hallucinogen
  90. RAVERS Army by Vlnl Vlcl
  91. Mi-Loony-Um! by Hallucinogen
  92. Kung Fu by Neellx
  93. Clouded Sight by Jacob and Purple Hayes
  94. Dreamstate Theme by Paul Oakenfold
  95. Back to India by Indra
  96. Rise of the Flame by Vertex Norma Project
  97. Savanah by Groundbas Hacoon
  98. Humanity by Phanatic
  99. Dugly Dugly feat. Trio by Bard and Zanon
  100.     Savannah feat. Groundbas and Hacoon